The Heroic Tale of A Misfit Villain

130: Jenny

18th Aug 2015, 4:24 AM
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130: Jenny
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BradenR.Huggins 18th Aug 2015, 4:24 AM edit delete
Page 130!
I consider this the end of the first third of Concerning Justice. So yeah, kindof excited to reach this point. Still got a ways to go though, and things are just starting to get good!
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Best FAN 18th Aug 2015, 5:39 AM edit delete reply
GoldMoon 18th Aug 2015, 9:22 AM edit delete reply
She is his wife isn't she?
Ragerrodent 18th Aug 2015, 1:18 PM edit delete reply
She's either wife, girlfriend, or daughter
Star1412 23rd Aug 2015, 2:42 PM edit delete reply
Her name's Jenny... Another AiO reference?
BradenR.Huggins 24th Aug 2015, 5:22 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, kinda. I got the idea for Dr. Applejuice directly from Adventures in Odyssey. However, I actually named Jenny without immediately realizing the similarity in names. I blame my subconscious (lol) because by the time I noticed she was similar to the AiO character, I'd already written it into the story XD